Insparya Hair Science Research Team

Insparya Hair Science has five researchers who, under the leadership of Dr. Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer at Insparya and coordinator of the R&D area, develop biomedical research in collaboration with the i3S Institute.

This collaboration with the largest biomedical research institute in Portugal allows for internationally competitive research, at the highest level, only possible through access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and critical mass of the research centre of excellence.

To create the biomedical research unit, we received help from Elsa Logarinho, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences from the University of Porto, a leader in ageing research and an expert in rejuvenation strategies. This is how we started our collaboration with the Institute of Innovation and Health I3S.

DR. Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of Group Insparya

Chief Clinical Officer of Grupo Saúde Viável and Chief Clinical Officer of Grupo Insparya, Carlos Portinha graduated at the Medicine School of the University of Porto.

He specialized in General and Family Medicine. He is a member of the Portuguese Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery and he has specialized academic training in FUE Hair Transplant by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), of which he is a member, as well as by the EHRS – European Hair Research Society.

He is a principal investigator in the joint venture Saúde Viável/I3S for research on mother cells applied to hair loss.

Elsa Logarinho, PhD, Research Director

Elsa Logarinho leads the research on the molecular mechanisms underlying hair loss and the development of innovative pharmacological and bioengineering solutions to address this condition. She also leads the Ageing and Aneuploidy group ai i3S since 2015, which is dedicated to high-level research on the molecular mechanisms that contribute to ageing and age-related diseases and to the development of health span extension strategies. She authored 40 publications, 25% on top scientific journals. The originality of her work has been internationally recognised, as evidenced by her solid collaborative network and track record, the delivery of invited talks in prestigious conferences, the evaluation of international grants as expert, and guest reviews.

Joana Magalhães, PhD

Joana Magalhães holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Porto, which she received in 2011. After earning her doctorate, she carried out research projects associated with the study of causal mutations in Parkinson’s disease and potential pharmacological therapies at University College London (United Kingdom) and the BRIC University of Copenhagen (Denmark). In 2019, she joined the I3S group, where she studied alterations in the cytoskeleton in neurodegeneration. Since 2020, JM has been a senior consultant on neurodegeneration for Axodynamic. In 2021, she founded the GreenLab Portugal network, which brings together research institutions in Portugal to advocate for sustainable research practices. JM has published 16 articles with 508 citations (h-index of 10). In 2021, she joined the Insparya biomedical research team to carry out preclinical studies in animal models for anti-hair loss therapies.

Mafalda Galhardo, PhD

Mafalda Galhardo holds a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Lisbon and a master’s and doctorate in Integrated Systems Biology from the University of Luxembourg. Her expertise ranges from bioinformatics to data analysis and integration in subjects such as genomic and epigenomic regulation and their interaction with metabolism and diseases. She joined the Insparya biomedical research team in 2021 to apply integrative systems biology methodologies in hair loss research.